About me

I am a digital art librarian with a strong interest in information organization and access, and for serving unconventional users.

I am an outgoing, driven and creative person who excels in fast-paced and innovative environments. I am passionate about community-led and user-centric information systems and initiatives. I am particularly interested in visual elements of information access and organization. My research and interests lie at the intersection of Museum Studies, Library Science, Political Science and Art History. For example, I recently conducted a literature review of artists' information behaviour when interacting with large-scale visual databases. Every information system is designed to serve a certain kind of user. The designers may never consider which group is being unconsciously privileged, or may have no way of knowing. Everything from text-based databases for visual artists to obvious racism within the Dewey Decimal system send signals to certain groups that they are not the target demographic. While there may be no perfect system, my goal is to investigate how various interests are reflected in information systems and, by extension, enable conscientious, inclusive and elegant design.

About this website

I am not a programmer or a web developer, but I have decent understanding of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. This website was coded from scratch to demonstrate these skills. It has been organized using colour, images and text to reflect various styles of access. All images used are either my property (such as the image of my face, shown above) or licensed under the creative commons with right for reuse with modification (such as the works of art shown on the main page). Feel free to reuse any code or design elements for non-commercial purposes.

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